Treatments preventing hair loss

If your hair needs special care, because of a possible hair loss appearance, do not hesitate to come see us at the Norgil hair clinic of Sherbrooke. We will advise you on the most appropriate solutions for your particular hair loss problem. Among the many opportunities that are available to you, the Alpharegul solution occupies a prominent place. With its efficiency rate of 88%, these capsules made of natural active ingredients decrease significantly your hair loss while stimulating their growth, especially on the forehead and top of the head.

Another preferred treatment against hair loss, the Trioxinator program can also be offered by our hair expert clinic of Sherbrooke. This treatment is designed to activate,  with a physical technic, the hair follicles and has the effect of increasing the blood supply to the follicles, which results in a rebalancing operation and allowing the acceleration of the hair growth. This results in a thicker and overall healthier hair.

Many other treatments offered at the Norgil Sherbrooke clinic will help prevent or slow the loss of your hair. In the form of concentrated shampoos or tablets, such as l’Aliment de Vie du Cheveu, these various treatments have many beneficial effects on the health of your hair. It could also purify your hair, act as scrub or anti-inflammatory, remove dead cells and reduce itching.