Examination of your hair

The condition of your hair concerned you for a long time. You may have tried various treatments or products without any good results. This is a sign that it is time for you to consult the hair expertof the clinic of Sherbrooke. There, you get a customized solution that guarantees results. During a meeting of about an hour, our specialist will perform a complete diagnosis of your problem through professional, dedicated listening and our equipment at the cutting-edge of the technology. And he will conduct an examination of your hair with the hair tests as capillary mapping, analysis of the bulbs, the Trichogramma or densitometry. The choice of analyzes to be performed is based on each case. Our Norgil expert of Sherbrooke may then help you better understand where your hair problem comes from. You can then talk together and agree of the most appropriate treatment. He will provide all the advice and guidance needed to ensure that the chosen solution will lead you to success. In the case of a particular problem, you should act immediately to protect the health of your hair capital.

This consultation at the hair clinic of Sherbrooke should result in an increased confidence and motivation to follow the treatment diligently, which is a guarantee of better results. You can also, if desired, confirm with our expert the real importance that you attach to your hair.